Small Clouds

IT consultancy for small businesses looking to save money and reduce complexity by moving their IT to the Internet Cloud

DJ Enterprises

Web site development for small businesses needing a tailor made website. Improve your presence on the Internet

Robots Incorporated

Robots Incorporated was founded in 2008, to provide a service offering household robots, garden robot and educational robots, sourced from the USA and Asia. This business is now closed

DJ Enterprises

We provice a quick and efficient service for building your tailor made website and no proprietary software to lock you to our way of working. We use straightforward XHTML and CSS with javascript when needed.
You will be left with an easy to maintain website working for your business.

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This is an example of a website built recently for a charity

  • Tailor made website for your business
  • Easy to maintain (no complex software required)
    • No ongoing payment
    • No need to worry about licences
  • Strict XHTML compliance
  • Flexible
League of Friends website
business people
  • A risk-taker willing to try new things typically by creating new businesses
  • Individual who starts an enterprise with its associated risks and responsibilities
  • Person with the talent for seeing opportunities and the ability to develop those opportunities into profit-making businesses